Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hasn't Shania Been Through ENOUGH?!

 In the 90's, Shania Twain was one of the few Country stars that didn't make my fro itch (However, Garth Brooks' music videos were slightly amazing/hilarious/epic).
Back to Shania, she had a super entertaining Behind the Music and she knew how to wear the hell out of animal print (That don't impressa' me much, anyone?)
Well, she's had a rough couple of years career wise, and her best friend/assistant stole her husband (music producer "Mutt" Lange"). Anyway, she found love again in her best friend/assistant's ex-husband (yes, a husband swap; maybe I'm starting to understand what marriage really means..) and she's trying to get her career back on track. So, at the live CMT Awards in Nashville last night, the ground had a nice way of telling her "Bitch, no", and she took a spill and fell down.

Look at how happy and proud she is when she comes out. Her face says "You're gonna make it afteraaaalll", then BOOM. Atleast she handled it with grace and gave in to the slip; when I fall, I try to catch myself so many times to the point where it's just sad and I somehow travel to something to hit my head on the way down.