Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WTF Of The Day: 'Saved By The Bell' Oil Spill Episode

 Remember that episode where there just so happens to be oil underneath the Bayside High football field that was found while they were drilling for goal posts (imagine that!); making the school super rich with rich-people school things like diamond staplers? [Side note: Ummm... weren't these kids already spoiled as shit? Except for floral-attire-aficionado Kelly Kapowsi, of course. Her family was: Middle Class :::try not to all lose your lunch at once::::].
Anyway, they get super-rich after they sell their school soul (shit, does that exist?) to some oil asshole.

At any rate, shit turns bad when they want to move the football field over the pond that never existed outside of this one episode. Professional BuzzKill Jessie "I'm so excited!" Spano tries to get a petition going, but the rest of the school is probably desensitized and tired of her ass always making petitions for shit and it ends up being too late for the pond creatures; Especially the star of the episode, Becky the Duck (who I think was named after Mr. Belding's wife for some reason if I remember correctly?). Seriously, wtf?

*If this episode was too much of a downer for you, and perhaps reminds you of your pet duck that died in a freak oil spill accident; then I apologize with this oddly homoerotic picture of Zachary Morris and Albert Clifford Slater:

See, awkward 90's nips just make the world better.