Monday, May 16, 2011

Odds N' Ends

 Jennifer Love Hewitt might ruin yet another show and I might have to stop watching SVU, but that might be a good thing for my nightmare problem..dun dun (DListed)

Neve Campbell is getting a divorce, and it's 1996 again, because we care (TMZ)

CNN Anchor Man comes out. I know that he handled it really well, and it's great news for our progressive future, but my 2004 loving ass just immediately thinks of Champ Kind of the Channel 4 News Team saying, "You sound like a gay." (E! Online)

16 And Pregnant Regrets. That should probably be the new working title for that show actually. (Soup Blog)

I sincerely believed that Michael Bay was Henry Winkler in these pics. (GoFugYourself)