Thursday, May 26, 2011

Katherine Heigl Is Really Starting To Worry Me...

Not really because I don't like her. But I know my Dad does. The last time I wrote about her, my delicious pasta dinner was interrupted by him calling me and declaring "She's fuckin' beautiful and her outfit is COOL!".
Ugh. I could link a story about how awful she seems, but I'm sure if you google Katherine Heigl Bitch, you'll find your own way.

Also, I can't deal with that shade of blonde ON HER SKINTONE!!!!!! It's all so aging. The awful cut, the conservative-business-ranch owning mom (received the ranch in the divorce settlement thankyouverymuch)-western wear; Also, a safari jacket?? Wear the fuck does this bitch think she's going?? An African Rodeo Tour for 40+ singles?

Or to lunch in LA with her hot husband, I guess..