Sunday, May 15, 2011

Janice Dickinson Is Still A Mess

Ugh. This woman. Remember how on 'Top Model' she always kinda-sorta-encouraged eating disorders? I'll take a fat ass at 56 over this shit. Where do I start: THAT FACE, the tired-awkward-stretched boob sacks, 'The Machinist' inspired physique... THAT FACE!

Remember how on ANTM Tyra always kind of introduced her as "World's First Super Model" with a side-dish of Bitch, Please. I've never heard anything scream "Contractual Obligation" so loudly.That was one of the only times Tyty's delutional ass and mine were on the same bitch page. Also, any time Janice was on any reality show, she'd always find a way to bring up ANY EXCUSE to describe why she was such a f'in mess. Bitch doesn't know how to own it. Shame.

Can we talk about what she used to look like?!

Yikes. Her 2011 face (and body) has some hard miles on it for someone who will call a 120 lb ho fat.