Monday, May 16, 2011

I Can't Get Behind This Look, Sarah Jessica Parker

 Ugh. Do you remember when we all loved Sex and the City? Gone are the days when we looked up to 30 somethings who engaged in casual sex with as much thought or care you and I would would put into ordering and picking out a DQ Blizzard. Not that it wasn't quality television, BUT, it did encourage desperate psycho behavior (::cough, Carrie::), and the second movie was ridiculous. I mean, THIS (below). REALLY?! Liza, Noooooooo....

Anyway, fashion. The dress is nice. I like the color, and it's hard to have a bad fit when you have figure like that; however, it could stand to be hemmed up about a quarter of an inch.

Ok, let's discuss what we're all thinking about. THAT HAIR! It's not quite SJP if it's not bringing the fuckery somehow. Big hair has actually grown on me (hardy har har), but something about this seems off. Is it too stiff? Too blown back? Thoughts?? Mikhail Baryshnikov?? *Fact: Most fun name to say out loud.