Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hilary Duff May Be A Worse Actress Than We Already Knew She Was

Except for 'The Perfect Man', of course. That movie's amazing and features a Styx cover band. Win.
Anyway, TMZ just released the news that half of Hil N' Hay has just been dropped from the Bonnie and Clyde remake (which was a terrible idea to begin with; the whole thing, kill it, kill it dead and make it stop).

She must have sucked all kinds of bad, because sources say that producers are still going to pay her, they just want her the hell out of the movie. They are currently looking for a new actress to replace her.

1. Anyone stupid enough to cast Hilary Duff in a legendary film remake was surprised that she was a horrible actress? 2. Faye Dunaway was right and has won their dis-proportioned veneer showdown. 3. Since Faye probably isn't busy, she should just reprise her role; since she has a new face, it's like she's a whole new actress (who looks like she wears baby skin ON HER FACE) 4.Can't we just compromise and let Hilary fuck with Faye with a 'Mommie Dearest' remake?

Who am I kidding? Duffster couldn't hold a candle to this remake: