Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carlos Solis Drove With A Case Of The Drunks, Got Arrested

Desperate Housewives actor (and powerful goatee wearer) Ricardo Chavira was arrested in LA yesterday for suspicion of DUI. *From now on in this post, I'm going to address him as Carlos; because it just feels right.

Early Tuesday morning, Carlos was pulled over in a routine traffic stop, but cops smelled the sauce on his breaff. They performed a field sobriety test, which I'm guessing he didn't ace, because they booked him after he refused a blood test and/or Breathalyzer.

Update: He has been released after posting the $25,000 bail. *Random trivia that may have helped Carlos (probably not, I'm sure being on a tv show helps more), his real-life dad is a Texas Judge.

Oh, Carlos. How long are you going to go on like this; first you won't let Gabby and Bree carry on their painfully awkward friend affair, and now THIS? At some point, you MUST move past Mama Solis' death. I mean, she was kind of conniving with a serious gambling addiction, and she did play the villain stalker person in Selena (sadness). See, not so great. *Sidenote: That egg ring was ridiculous.

Seriously though, I love his character on the show. Remember when he was BLIND from a freak tornado accident (whilst fighting to the death with Roger Sterling)?! My friends and I would sing "Blind Carloosss", to the tune of Bailamos that entire season.