Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arnold's Wife Blew The Secret Love Child Whistle

Since Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted the story that the Los Angeles Times had printed accusing him of banging an ex-employee/maid and fathering a secret love child with her 10ish years ago. Now, according to TMZ, his wife (and Kennedy) Maria Shriver is the one who leaked the story to the presses. The story goes that once Arnold admitted the truth to Maria, she got super pissed and swore VENGEANCE.

A source told TMZ that at first, Shriver wanted to air Arnold's dirty laundry in a press conference, but was talked out of that dumb ass move, and she was advised to keep it classier by leaking the story to the LA Times. Also, Arnold has known it was Maria who sprung the leak.

I still think that Maria could take some cues from Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale (aka my friend's dad's favorite movie) with this whole thing. Shoop shoop.