Thursday, April 28, 2011

That 'Gossip Girl' Person Is A Ginger Now

 Blake Lively... errr UnLively... Fuck, I'm aware how lame that sounds but EVERYTIME that bitch is on screen she ruins the quality of my entertainment because I'm too busy doing a delicate dance with the volume on the remote control because she's quiet as shit and MUMBLES!!!!! Always mumbling!!! I hate mumblers! It's amazing what some, umm, facial adjustments and some well-done booby sacks can do for a career. That, and some good, old-fashioned Nepotism.
Anywhoactuallycaresaboutthisperson, she has reached Level Arial on the Disney Princess Slut Meter. Next level, Princess Jasmine but of course.
Seriously though, I always love me some ginge on the right skin/eye tone. Pretty much, if you look good as a blonde, I think you'd be a hot red.
I continue to try to pull it off every few years, each time thinking that it will somehow be miraculously different; but I always end up looking something like THIS.
However, now that she's a redhead, she kind of looks like the eternal swan that is her older sister Robyn Lively aka Miss Teen Witch HERSELF(1989)! Blake will never be this hip. Now, 'Top That!'