Monday, April 18, 2011

Shocker of the Day: Lea Michele Was A Bitch At Coachella

Remember that girl in Drama Club who would gush about your monologue, then when you turned around whispered about how fat your ass looked in those jeans the entire time (But that trick was suddenly sensitive enough to weep if you said you weren't really feeling Shakespeare)? Well, the nationally circulated Theater A-hole known as Lea Michele is back to unleashing her inexplicable rage on innocent parties again, and this time she brings the fury to a peaceful music festival.

Apparently, she was hanging out with 'Glee' castmates Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum Jr. in a VIP tent in Coachella, when a couple of young women joined the group. I'll let the witness of the incident explain the rest:

"Harry introduced himself to two girls as Jerry from San Luis Obispo and said he was unemployed. The girls played along even though they knew who he was. But when one girl jokingly called 'Jerry' over to sit with them later, Lea couldn't resist making fun of her... Lea started laughing and imitated her in a high-pitched voice. She was totally mocking her for no reason."

Well, at least she's not terrorizing children anymore. Remember when released the Kraken to that little girl from 'True Grit'? UPGRADE!

(P.S. Isn't this pre-Hollywood-ized picture of her entertaining?) Yeah, I know, pot calling the kettle bitchy.