Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding Just Got Smugger - No Booze

 Another reason why deep down I idolize the likes of Joy Turner, because I would be saying "Heeelllll to the NOOOOO" about the fact that all beer AND hard liquor has been banned from Prince William and Bland Middleton's (I'm sorry, I just don't see it) royal reception. What the hell?! I guess they're doing as fancy bitches do, and are only serving FINE champagne (I'm assuming not even red flavor!). Ugh. Here's a quote some source said about it:

“There won’t be any beer. “Let’s face it, it isn’t really an appropriate drink to be serving in the Queen’s presence at such an occasion. And while the younger royals enjoy a pint from time to time, neither Kate nor William is a big beer drinker so they decided to leave it off the menu. It was always their intention to give their guests a sophisticated experience and they have chosen the food and drink with this in mind.”

I agree with the awesome 70 year-old retired Nurse that I waited on at work this week; William is a bit of a snore compared to the Ginger Angel that dances in all of our hearts: (Captain) Prince Harry!!!!! However, I found it a bit off when she said Harry seemed "More Playful". What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is that thought even legal?
Anywho, does that mean that Harry will have to snort Cristal now?