Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Odds N' Ends

 Dan Rad is done and is drained of the wizard (... 'Harry Potter', I mean) (E! Online)

Gwyneth Paltrow's Grandmother or "Mutti" as her pretentious ass calls it, was awesome (and like the rest of us, don't deny it) hated her granddaughter. (Dlisted)

Coachella Fashion Summary in Pics (GoFugYourself)

The Onion is still really funny (The Daily What)

Karen from 'Mean Girls' is looking really skinny, if she loses her nice bust then she and I are done professionally (Popoholic)

Fergie needs to slow down on the injecting Tupperware into her face (Hollywood Tuna)

Not only does LeAnn Rimes' new weight loss give me nightmares about getting stabbed by her clavicle bone, but now she's becoming kind of a stalker of her new husband's Ex-wife. Why do women do that? (E! Online)