Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nic Cage Got His Crazy Ass Arrested

Randy from Valley Girl found himself in the clink in New Orleans for allegedly pushing his wife in an argument, former waitress (and alleged Gold-Digging Champion) Alice Kim (of whom he is 20 years her senior).
According to TMZ, Cage essentially dared the police to arrest him after they were just going to let him go with a warning. Anyone that follows Nic (and his mad eyebrow game) won't be surprised to hear that according to sources, he was "very drunk" on the streets of New Orleans.

Is John Malkovich busy? I bet if Cyrus the Virus was there, none of this shit would have gone down; Cage seems like one of those overly method actors that would seriously surrender anything for a stuffed bunny. Case and Point:

Seriously though, every Drunk Ho knows that you never dare someone to arrest your inebriated ass. Apparently he screamed at the police, "Why don't you just arrest me?". Wrong move. Everyone knows you smile, wink, and finish your forty on the other end of the block. Pffft, Amatuer.

Newest update says that he just paid $11,000 bail; so as of now, all bunny's will be protected for Easter.

Oh well, atleast we'll always have THIS: