Sunday, April 17, 2011

Liz Taylor Was Richer Than You, And Maybe Beyonce and Jay Z

Word has it that at the time of her death, Elizabeth Taylor was worth more than $600 million. But shit, you don't have to look at her bank account to know that, just look at her face.That's an expression that says, "That's right, bitch" loud n clear.
Thanks to White Diamonds (that fancy perfume of her that first came out forever ago, suck on that JLo and every other ho who has a signature stank now), Liz's net worth is said to not be quite on par with that power couple above's (I just really liked that picture, so fabulously smug), but still pretty effing extreme.

About $150 million, is tied up in jewels and other gifts that Liz enjoyed receiving from movie studios, husbands, admirers and producers who hired her; compared to my 80 bucks from the same sources (cough, 40).
I had NO idea that when White Diamonds came out back in 1991, that shit went for $200 AN OUNCE. Holy. Shit. To be honest, my smug 5-year-old brain always thought it was a cheaper perfume ala Britney Spears scent sold at Kohls now.
During the 1990s, Liz reportedly earned about $2 per second, or about $63 million per year, thanks to all those business deals.
In unrelated news, in the 90's, I earned about $2 per week... ok, month.