Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Get's A Standing Ovation...?

 Ok, so first of all, not only did Lilo's camp bump Kristin Chenoweth off of The Tonight Show with Leno (that will air tonight); Kristin is ya know, like an actual actress who actually had a project to promote, not a court date (who DOES that?!). But Blohan apparently got a standing O from the audience. For WHAT exactly?!
Also, may I ask what the fuck she's wearing? I have no problem with a good, hot jumpsuit (see Valerie Bertinelli below) but what in the drunk, Long Island, 40+ divorcee shit is she sporting?! It's not even a joke to suggest that she shares her closet (and stash) with her mother, Dina.
Anyway, here's a quote from a delusional Crackie if that's what you need today:

“I think that when, you know, being young and being in the position I was in, you don’t really take the time to appreciate what you have and it’s all kind of a whirlwind, and people make decisions for you. But I’m not a kid anymore -- I’m 24, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I recognize that. I’m in the clear now, and as long as I stay focused, I can achieve what I want to achieve.

While I find it very inspiring that even this fucking mess thinks that she can dig herself out of the world of shit that she's created for herself; Most of us have our own shit castles to dig ourselves out of, but since when is a pending misdemeanor theft teamed up with a probation violation IN THE CLEAR?

This is why I never watched Leno; I feel like had it been Conan or Letterman, she would have been dick slapped with some reality (My apologies to family for that one). Also, please ignore the mental picture that accompanies the last statement.

I think we all know who bought the crowd a round of  Mai Tai's to get that standing ovation, and let's celebrate some raw delusional determination with a baby picture of Lindsay and her Mommy.