Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coachella Brings Out The Best (Scraped From The Bottom Of The CrackPipe)

That California music festival that hip people go to is happening right now, and Lindsay Lohan was there looking as fresh as a back-alley daisy. Judging from this paparazzi shot of her at the festival (looking as innocent and sober as a newborn crackie), she's downgraded from stealing her fashion accessories from Venice Beach boutiques, to jacking 1940's gangsters. Bold move.
Say something nice... Her nails look ok? Ugh, I tried. I can't get past those lips. THOSE LIPS!
Atleast she gave it a shot, it's not easy to look hot when you're competing with this:

Yes, Danny DeVito was there; showing a trick how it's REALLY done.