Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cammy Diaz, Facebook, and Poop

A quote from Cameron Diaz in which she mentions she doesn't give a rat's dumper about her high school classmates was just released. Speaking of dumpers, I'll let Cammy explain:

"I have never been to a reunion. I just really don't feel the need to let anybody know what the hell I am doing because they can pretty much tell what I am doing all day. I really don't care. The people I want to know are there in my life already and if not I can do the Facebook thing that people do, where they upload their entire lives and say things like ‘I took a poop this morning'. I don't want to know that much about anybody."

See. I told you poop would tie in there somewhere. Though she sounds delightfully smug, I'll agree with her on one thing: Facebook has pretty much eliminated the curiosity that was responsible for most people going to high school reunions. In a lot of ways, it's eliminated the curiosity that was responsible for a lot of things, like wondering if a B List actress considers posting about her bowel movements on news feed. 

I wish I could lie and say that I don't know somebody who has discussed making a webpage strictly dedicated to their kaka, (and how it changes with different foods, etc.) and I already know what you're thinking, and yes, I'm pretty exclusive with who I choose to spend my time with.