Friday, April 22, 2011

Bitch Almost Got Owned: The Lindsay Lohan Edition

:::Sigh::: Ok. Well, as we know, everyone's favorite Justice Dodger Cady Herron (remember those days?) may have allegedly, possibly, probably snatched a boring ass necklace from an over-priced Venice Beach boutique in LA. Today hosted the preliminary hearing to decide whether she goes to trial or not. Apparently, girlfriend had an accomplice by the name of Pootie (not actual pictorial of said 'Pootie'), who distracted the store's employees while Lilo hunted for the most bland piece of shit to snatch. Also, one of the employees said that they'd caught her trying to steal earrings earlier in the SAME WEEK :::gasp,yeah right nobody's actually shocked by this:::
Well, the results are in and the judge reduced the charge to a misdemeanor and proclaimed that the case will go to trial, but also ruled that LiLo violated her probation. Even if she's found guilty and even though she fucked with her probation, she won't get a second of jail time.

I have two words to react to this: SAILOR PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!